Manage Crisis, Before They Happen

Digitize your emergency plans and make them available whenever you need them most.

Digital crisis plans

Through our web tool you quickly and easily set up your emergency plans that sync with your mobile phone. The plans are stored locally on the mobile phone which means that you can also access them if you would have no access to the Internet.

Incident management

Note your activities and share information with your colleagues. You can access the logbook both via the web and your own cell phone. All posts are timestamped, making it easy to follow up the progress afterwards.

Contact lists and chat

Bring important contact information with you on the go. Communicate faster and easier if something happens. You can also chat with individuals and groups through the app.

Secure login

The content is stored on our secure servers and can only be accessed by logging into your mobile phone or on the web.

Emergency notification

Send out emergency notifications through SMS, email, phone or push. Inform and communicate with groups or individuals.

Collaborate easier and faster

When something unforeseen occurs, you need to get to work fast. With Softcrisis you are prepared and can easily get the message out to organize the work when it counts the most.

Available on iOS and Android

It does not matter if you are using iPhone, iPad, Android, PC, Mac or any combination of them. The app works just as well, no matter what device you're using.

Preview on iPhone and Galaxy

Access your emergency plans anywhere

In addition to an app that can be installed on the mobile phone, you also get a simple and clear web interface where you manage your entire solution. Do you need to add multiple users? No problem, login and make changes directly on the web.

Web application for crisis management

Frequently Asked Questions

Simplicity and clarity goes a long way, but sometimes there are questions that need answers. Here we answer the most common questions.

1. What if I do not have internet access?

Since the app downloads crisis plans and contacts in the background, they are always available in the mobile phone. This whether you have internet access or not. Unfortunately, the chat and incident management features does not work corretcly without an internet connection. We are currently working to expand the functionality in disconnected mode.

2. Do I pay per user?

No. We try to keep as flat and simple pricing as possible. However, you pay for available features and the number of maximum users.
More on our Pricing.

3. How can we trust that your solution is secure?

We work hard to provide as secure a solution as possible. The starting point for our work is our information security policy. Next to that we work with developing a safe product and a secure storage environment for all data we process.

All data sent to and from the app is encrypted between our server and the mobile device. The app is also equipped with a code lock that requires you to enter your own personal code each time you open the app.

4. Why do I need a crisis app?

Unforeseen events often happen when you are in the wrong place or at the wrong time. Therefore, it's important that you always have Crisis plans and contact information available, wherever you are.

By equipping and preparing your team with a crisis app, you can also get started faster and save life and assets. Having the right solution can be decisive for the outcome of any unforeseen situation.

Dokument & krisplaner

Built for tunnel vision in crises

If you need to practice the tool to work, you're probably wrong. Simplicity is therefore our keyword.